Vip Hair Color Shampoo In Pakistan

Vip Hair color Shampoo in Pakistan A non-drip formula infused with pearl extract offers you the richness of natural wanting color with shiny shine in barely quarter-hour. the merchandise features a pleasant fragrance and it’s tear free. it’s a flavoring product that comes ammonia free. Vip Hair color Shampoo in Pakistan

This revolutionary product which provides you trouble-free application expertise, not like typical hair dyes. It comes in a sexy two in one instrumentality that creates the preparation of mixture comfy for you. you’ll be able to apply it simply with clean hands. No gloves required and you’ll be astonied to ascertain your hands, face, and scalp with none little sign of hair color stains! Vip Hair color Shampoo in Pakistan

VIP three in one Hair Color Shampoo is that the brilliant results of sixteen years of in-depth analysis and analysis were done by our trichology consultants.


1- everyone desires to appear young, but the gray strands rising at the 40s offers them AN aged look.

2- the standard method of coloring your hair is each cumbersome and time overwhelming.

3- Vcare Hair Color Shampoo could be a novel initiative serving you to paint your hair black inside 5-7 minutes by simply shampooing your hair.

4- thus currently hair Coloring is easy and straightforward. Vcare Shampoo hair color is enriched with a natural hair color improver, Fo-ti, antiallergenic, and tea leaf.

5- This makes the merchandise ideal for normal usage; additionally it’s completely free from ammonia.

How To Use:

Wet your hands totally. Please guarantee your hair is totally dry while not oil. There area unit 2 differing kinds of shampoos gift within the instrumentality. Take the desired quantity of shampoos gift within the instrumentality. Take the desired amount of shampoo by pressing the nozzle over the wet hands and blend them well. Apply the mixture on your hair uniformly and massage the pinnacle totally. Wash your hands inside three minutes from the time of contact exploitation soap or hand wash. await quarter-hour. Then rinse your hair with adequate water. Vip Hair color Shampoo in Pakistan

1- Ammonia free, tear free, pleasant fragrance

2- three in one, shampoo, hair color, conditioner

3- are often applied with clean hands, enriched with pearl extract

4- No stains handy, face, scalp

5- Natural color black

Vip Hair color Shampoo Price Is: 3000/-PKR

Vip Hair Color Shampoo In Pakistan

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